#BuyPens: When a Pen is Mightier Than a Sword

It all started when a Norwegian man, Gissur Simonarson, tweeted this on August 25, 2015.

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Everyone started to research online and look for the man and his daughter as a rescue operation. After a day, with the help of Carol Malouf from the charity Lebanese 4 Refugees, people were able to locate the man and his daughter and identify them.

The father is AbdulHaleem Al Attar, a Palestinian who’s doubly displaced. When the war started in Syria, he left Al Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria and fled to Egypt with his wife and two children; Abdullah (9 years old) and Reem (4 years and a half). AbdulHaleem and his wife parted away when she wanted to go back to Syria. Then, being a single father, he thought that the best thing to do is to take his children to Lebanon, where he has been selling pens and anything else just to support his children.

Indeed, a good deed brightens a dark world, but what about millions of good deeds? Thanks to all efforts exerted by good people across the globe, a funding campaign on Indiegogo was initiated to help AbdulHaleem and his daughter, Reem, start a new life. In addition, they initiated a hashtag #BuyPens to stay updated on AbdulHaleem’s latest news. #BuyPens went viral.

$133,653 USD were raised by 4,962 people in 2 days only. When AbdulHaleem knew about that, he said that he wants to help other Syrian refugees, send his children to school, and that his dream is to go back to Syria, to the way things were.

Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds and help AbdulHaleem and Reem start a new life by donating here.

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