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5 Most Common Arab Foods

Bet this article will make you hungry by the time you finish reading it! Everybody loves food. Food is the essence of survival and these countries are home to some of the most delicious Middle Eastern dishes .

  • Mansaf: Let’s start with the heaviest meal that stars from Jordan and Palestine. This meal consists of yellow rice sitting on a thin bed of a special type of bread called ‘shrak’ and then bathed in yogurt sauce. Lamb meat cooked in the yogurt crowns this rich throne, sprinkled with almonds or pine nuts.
Arab foods
  • Shawarma: This specific dish began in Turkey and is now found all over the Middle Eastern world. Yup, that’s how tasty it is! If you’re hungry, the shawarma turning on the  rotisserie may just make you drool. The word ‘shawarma’ or ‘doner kebab’ refers to a meat that turns. This meat could be slabs of beef, lamb, chicken or turkey roasting on a gyro cone and once its cooked, it’s sliced into pieces and wrapped with pita bread.
Arab foods
  • Makloobeh: In Palestine, this dish is the star of every dinner gathering. A pot is stacked with layers of vegetables (each Middle Eastern Country’s version varies) and meat, filled with rice and then left to cook with the choice of meat stock. I bet you can guess what happens next! That’s right, it’s served upside down!
Arab foods
  • Koubba: Sometimes pronounced as ‘Kibbeh’, this dish stars from Iraq. It is so tasty that many Middle Eastern countries have adopted it as an important feature of dinner gatherings. In Iraq, it is commonly made with cracked wheat and stuffed with minced meat. In other countries, burghol (bulgur wheat) is preferred.
Arab foods
  • Molokhia (or Mulukhiyya): This meal calls to us from Egypt. It is a soup that has been around since the times of the Pharoahs and has spread all throughout the Middle East. The Egyptians have made out of this healthy green plant the most common meal of their area. It is made with ground Molokhia (Jute Mallow) leaves that are cooked with garlic and chicken broth. Squeeze a bit of lemon over it when it’s ready and the result very well may be finger lickin’ good!
Arab foods

Food, who doesn’t love it? Leave us a comment and let us know what’s your favorite Arab food? Don’t forget to drop a smile!

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