With the recent snowstorms and the substantial drops in temperatures, many countries have witnessed a flurry of activity taking place in the snow. In some areas of the Middle East, people were excited to play in something they’ve never seen in real life, considering they live in a desert! Hope you enjoy this collaboration of snowy pictures of 2015/2016.

Saudi Arabia: These people got really excited to see snow! This picture depicts a Saudi snowman, just chillin’ in the desert.

saudi arabia

Palestine: Every now and then, this country witnesses a storm that blankets its grounds in white fluff. And the Palestinians sure do take advantage of it! This upside down snowman sure looks like he’s having fun!


Iraq: Perhaps something common in many Middle Eastern countries is  the Sheesha (a.k.a. argeela, hookah) and this frozen couple are burning heads in Iraq.


Lebanon: Why should Iraq be the only ones keeping up the buzz? This snowman was built to enjoy himself too!


Morocco: The caption of this picture said that it’s a snow-woman because the man hasn’t been born yet!


Syria: These snowmen were built to represent the dual religions in this country. The cross and crescent stand together in the cold weather!


Jordan: This country has taken creativity to another level altogether. These snowmen are either sick of the weather or enjoying it a bit too much!

jordan 2

If this article has left you with a slight shiver in your timbers, go grab a blanket and let us know which snowman made you smile!

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Israa Elkhatib

I was born in Palestine but raised with the fireflies in Georgia. My teenage years were spent being the Muslim nerd who was known as the bookworm of the school. That followed me back to Palestine, to develop into being the girl with the big vocabulary. I spent most of my high-school days cursing Newton for not eating that apple. My English Literature Bachelor's degree was only obtained because I'm a nerd for literature and my minor in Translation pretty much pays the bills, thank you Birzeit University.Creative writing is my passion and reading is my escape from reality into a world where everything is the way you imagine it to be.

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