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The Stylish Muslimah

So what makes a Muslima stylish? As a proud Muslim woman who considers herself as stylish (I know, arrogant right 🙂 ), I believe being a Stylish Muslimah is a combination of each of the following 4 things:

  • Remembering to not to let fashion carry you away from the “right” Islamic clothing

This  may sound like an overstatement but it happens. With so many attractive and great pieces out there in the fashion world, you may be tempted and be carried away from what is known as the basic standard of Islamic attire; generally speaking, that the attire must not be too form fitting or sheer. Now this doesn’t mean to continue on wearing only the traditional definition of Islamic attire for example black solid color caftans (kaftans) and black abayas, as this interpretation is fading away. Today Islamic fashion is broadly encompassing maxi dresses, skirts and even long tunics,which are becoming a part of the stylish Muslimah’s wardrobe.

  • Choosing a quality versatile piece of clothing that can be used for multiple occasions

Don’t spend your money on a piece that is of quality but not versatile. Versatility is an important factor for being considered as a stylish Muslima, as being stylish requires being creative and great at creating unique outfit ideas. That is what money well spent is all about.

  • Choosing the right Hijab, for the hijabi style that suits you

Hijab styles and tutorials have overloaded the web over the past few years. For hijabis this is great but be careful not to get carried away as there are some hijab styles that may not suit your face shape or even the abaya dress or Islamic clothing piece that you are wearing.

  • Confidence and not arrogance, as confidence speaks for itself and no advertising is required

Be and feel confident with what you are wearing whether it’s casual or formal wear. At the end, you are the one who put together this great and stylish Islamic outfit.

Enough of what I think, let me know what factors make you a stylish Muslimah.

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