OxAdventure Globalizing Youth Since 2013

Have you ever wished you could travel the world and have an adventure? Who hasn’t! Well, OxAdventure, a non-profit organization based in the Kuwait, focuses on just that:

With the beginning of every school year, OxAdventure calls on all the youth of Kuwait to listen to their inner desires and step out of their comfort zone. They have been providing the university students of the country with opportunities to travel all over the world by organizing trips for them. The youth sign up as volunteers and pay their own way, but it’s the experience and the cause that counts!

OxAdventure-Globalizing-Youth_1OxAdventure’s first trip, in 2013, was to India. There, the students acquired a new-found respect towards humanity, nature and equality, which  is exactly what OxAdventure aims for! Their latest trip, which begins tomorrow March 3rd, will be to the rugged beauty of Kathmandu, Nepal!

OxAdventure-Globalizing-Youth_2With over 150 members from various countries, this Kuwaiti youth organization believes that within each young person is a potential leader. Taking out these Kuwaiti kids from their comfort zones and into the wild, will form a brand new set of future leaders. That is, leaders capable of facing and dealing with local and global issues in a pursuit for a better future. OxAdventure’s mission is to:

“Inspire the youth through travel, charity and adventure to create global citizens and to enrich the minds of the future leaders while providing a way to utilize their educational skills outside the classroom.”

This structure should be adopted by many other universities, not just within Kuwait, simply because it is a great thing to learn about the world you live in and how you can take part in changing your world for the better.

If you also wish you could travel the world, leave a smile 🙂 and let us know!

For more information: Click here to learn more on how you can become a volunteer at OxAdventure. 

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