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Live +: Cancer is a word, Not a sentence

Staying positive while being sick, especially when diagnosed with cancer, is very difficult and, for some, even seems impossible. Acknowledging that the psychological state of cancer patients affects treatment results directly,  Live+ or Live Positive, or even “عيشها بفرحة”  was created. Haneen AbuFarha, one of the co-founders explained to BarakaBits that Live + was inspired when “our friend’s sister was diagnosed with cancer, and, as a result, she became very depressed.  At first, we started to show sympathy, but then we later realized rather than being sympathetic for her misery, why not help change her attitude by focusing on and sharing the moments of joy, laughter and positivity”. To them, “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

In their inspirational video directed to those who are fighting cancer, life is explained in a simple, yet universally beautiful message as it is spoken in several different languages.

Live+ is a community that combines current social experience available on social media, such as facebook, with the medical content found on websites. They take this mix and upload it on a customized ‘positive’ environment that provides support, engagement, and a personal touch as well as the needed medical content. Access to doctors and even pharmaceutical companies is provided, in order to meet any demands or requests from their users.

Live+ participated before in the Arabreneur/Pirates On Shore local competition in Palestine & was shortlisted to present at the pirates on shore competition in Cologne, Germany last September. This year, they are competing as one of the semi-finalists in MIT Arab Competition! When Haneen AbuFarha received the email informing them that they have been shortlisted in the competition, she said, ” I was over the moon! The name MIT itself is big enough & being shortlisted is a great benefit any start-up can get from the exposure by itself. We hope to represent Palestine in a good way.”

Haneen AbuFarha and Mohammed AbuJodeh, the second co-founder of Live +, are welcoming support from anyone, so show them your support as soon as possible by visiting their official website and/or their facebook page and joining their ultra-positive community! You can learn more about them from their video here.

Don’t forget to leave a smile 🙂 !

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