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First Egyptian Woman to Win Allam British Open Squash Championship

Egypt is proud to be represented by Nour El Sherbini, the first Egyptian woman to hold the title of champion for the British Allam Open Squash Championship of 2016!

20-year old Nour told AFP that she is,

“Really proud to be representing Egypt anywhere so to be the first Egyptian to win the British Open is a huge thing for me. I’m really proud to be one of the four finalists today. I’m really happy that Egypt is proud of me and I want to keep making them proud.”


This title is not even her first! Check out what this young champion has up her sleeve:

  • British Junior Open Champion GU13 2007
  • British Junior Open Champion GU13 2008
  • British Junior Open Champion GU15 2009
  • Atco Miro No.1 WISPA Runner-up 2009
  • World Junior Champion 2009
  • Young WISPA Player of the Year 2009
  • Young Female Player of the Year 2009
  • British Junior Open Champion GU19 2010
  • Heliopolis Open WISPA Champion 2010
  • High WISPA Ranking of 25 OCT 2010
  • World Junior Runner-up 2011
  • Alexandria International Open WISPA Champion 2011
  • British Junior Open Champion GU19 2012
  • High WSA Ranking of 7 JUNE 2012
  • Youngest ever to reach the final of the British Open in 2012
  • The first Egyptian to reach the final of the British Open in 2012
  • Youngest ever to be in the world top ten achieving No. 7 in June 2012
  • World Junior Champion 2012

Now, not only is she the first Egyptian woman to hold the championship, she is also the second youngest female in history to even win the title! Nour is an inspiration for all young women around the world. With her great win, she made her mark in history and has lifted Egypt’s head high!

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