Students Help 1,200 Families of Egypt Prepare for Ramadan 2016

Ramadan is here! It is the month of giving. Acts of generosity become more evident during this Holy month. El Masria Language School is an amazing example of such acts of generosity. Its students decided to get together and collect 30,000 Egyptian pounds (EGP) in order to put together a few essential food items and distribute them to the poorer families of Egypt. They did all of this prior to Ramadan to help the families be prepared for this month.


Much to these children’s surprise, they exceeded their goal of 30,000 EGP and actually collected 80,000 EGP! This money was collected from other students and the school faculty members.


The school got as busy as a bees nest in getting these bags ready! The children went down to the market and bought enough items to fill up 1200 bags for 1200 families!


Among these items were:

  • 1200 canisters of butter
  • 1200 bottles of oil
  • 1200 sacks of sugar
  • 1200 sacks of rice
  • 1200 bags of spaghetti
  • 1200 cans of sauce
  • and 1200 items of other Ramadan necessities


After filling up the bags, each worth 80 £, the students gathered them up in cars and personally went down to an area called “Batn Al-Baqar” in the province of Cairo to distribute the bags to the families.


These students have made 1200 Egyptian families happy for Ramadan. They knew that not all people can properly prepare themselves for the Blessed month of Ramadan, so with a simple act of kindness, they did it for them.

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