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Come to the Citadel for a day full of music – American Music Abroad 2017

Each year, the American Music Abroad (AMA) program hand picks 10 American musical ensemble to serve as cultural and musical ambassadors to the world. These musicians then tour the world where they interact with the audiences, musicians, and everyday people of these countries. The musicians also interact with the people through lectures, meetings, workshops, and local performances. This year, the AMA ensemble will visit Egypt, in a concert titled “Al Hakawatya” (Storytelling), and you are cordially invited by the US Embassy itself!

The Details:

Chelsey Green - American Music Abroad
Chelsey Green – American Music Abroad


This year, jazz phenomenon Chelsey Green (pictured above) and her ensemble, The Green Projectwill be fusing, mixing and matching genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and many more, with traditional techniques to produce astonishing pieces of music. The counterpart will be Dina El Wedidi, an Egyptian musician with a gift for combining the traditional with the modern. A match made in heaven!

Dina Al Wedidi - American Music Abroad
Dina Al Wedidi – American Music Abroad

Organizing such a musical masterpiece, is none other than the Grammy award winning musician and producer, Fathy Salama. Through his contribution, a 30-minute fusion of Egyptian folk and American jazz music will be created.

The venue for this musical extravaganza is Al Mahka at the Cairo Citadel on the 28th of February. The day will start at 8 AM with a fusion from Dina El Wedidi and Chelsey band, then Dina will perform alone until 9 AM. And then, Ms. Green will perform from 9:05 AM till 10 AM, which will also include a performance with Sira Abou Zaied Al Hilaly. Finally, the closing act will be Chelsey ft. Dina from 10 AM till 10:15 AM.

We really hope you enjoy yourselves out there, it’s an unmissable chance to have fun and broaden your horizons.

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