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A Home-sweet Stay in the Heart of Medina Heritage

Leila Ben Gacem has created an unmatched experience of authenticity in Medina: Dar Ben Gacem.

How did you find this 17th-century building and think to turn it into a boutique hotel?

The house was on sale about seven years ago; the original owners’ family had lived in it for 300 years. I had always wanted to restore an old home into a boutique hotel; I love hospitality and heritage preservation. So I jumped at the opportunity.

How is your hotel different?

The whole concept is different. We want our guests to feel that they’ve come back home, that the whole space is theirs.

We also run it as a social business, creating economic opportunity for the small businesses that are our suppliers and service providers. The house itself best communicates North African architectural heritage; all its décor is made by artisans and vintage restorers.

During its restoration, we worked closely with Medina Preservation Association, meticulously choosing each item to ensure that the space’s integrity is preserved and that traditional architectural aspects are respected; we made no alterations to the original structure.

In Dar Ben Gacem, our guests live the spirit of Tunisian history in luxury.


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