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Humans of New York Takes On the Middle East

Brandon Stanton began his Humans of New York photography project with the aim of sharing the diverse stories and experiences of the people living in one of America’s most densely populated cities. The success of this project shed light on the fact that ultimately, we all love hearing and learning from one another. Now, Brandon is on a UN-funded 50 day world tour. His first stop was Iraq, and he is currently in Jordan. The images and stories of the people he encounters are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes upbeat, but always touching.

HONY in Amman 3“I had five daughters. And my daughters had five daughters. And every one loves to spend time with Grandma!” (Amman, Jordan)

HONY of Petra “We were engaged for six months, but her parents made her marry a richer man.” “What’s the last thing you said to her?” “I told her: ‘I’ve done all that I can do. I wish you happiness in your life.'”(Petra, Jordan)

HONY in Tafila JordanSeen in Tafila, Jordan.

HONY in Jordan“I want to be a pilot so I can fly everywhere.” (Dhana, Jordan)

HONY in Amman“There’s a broken bottle down there!” (Amman, Jordan)

HONY in Iraq“I’m living a good life. I’m a business owner. A lot of hotels say, ‘Come shine shoes for us. We will pay you better.’ I tell them: ‘Why would I do that? I am free.’” (Shaqlawa, Iraq)


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