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ScreenDy and the Moroccan Entrepreneurs Solving the App Developers’ Dilemmas

All tech startups nowadays seem to be focused on developing useful mobile applications, but one company in Morocco went further and offers a solution to create, manage and deploy apps.

Spearheaded by Mehdi Alaoui, considered one of the experts in Mobile Industry in the MENA region, and Khalid Tabyaoui, an active member of the mobile developer community in 25 countries and for 20 years, ScreenDy is one of the 20 finalists at this year’s MIT Entrepreneurship Forum Arab Start-up Competition beginning next April 16. In an interview with BarakaBits, Alaoui and Tabyaoui explain how their platform took shape.

What are the main problems web developers face?

They are several problems: most of them are familiar with web technologies such as HTML5, Css and Javascript, and cannot code on Cocoa, Android, or C#. As they are completely overbooked, they don’t have time to learn new language or framework.

On the other hand, their clients ask them to deliver apps before they know what they should deliver and continue to change the scope every day. Most of them hate spending hours installing tools and days and days to fine tune the last pixels; and they can shift instantly if you ask them money before they realize your value added.

How does ScreenDY aim to solve them?                      

We are building the next generation of mobile development platform.  We love it when developers say “you are the WordPress of the mobile industry”. We have combined the best part of eclipse, xcode, heroku, and github in one cloud tool. ScreenDy makes mobile development easier and faster than any other existing tool to build native, customized and sophisticated apps within hours to days.

It is a programming tool designed specifically for 20 million web developers and targeting a $ 100B market size. It gives them the ability to create apps as mobile experts do without actually changing the way they think. We added to it some innovative features, such as “Native Real Time Update” allowing developers to switch between 2 AdServers in one click.

What’s the biggest challenge now?            

To succeed launching globally our platform and make it accessible to 20 million web developers worldwide. We also want to take as much as we can parts of the actual 100B$US market size. We are working hard from Silicon Valley preparing the right communication and ensure all the business issues are rightly solved.

For more information: Visit ScreenDy‘s website and follow up with the MIT Entrepreneurship Forum Arab Start-up Competition on Twitter at @MITEFarab

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