Galilee Foundation: Promoting Development and Equality in Palestine

Committed to the promotion, development and equality of the Palestinian minority in the 1948 areas, the Galilee Foundation uses education to improve and empower. Through various programs, including the ongoing scholarship program, which began in 2007, the Foundation understands that education can be a powerful tool for enrichment and development.
Since it began, the Galilee Foundation’s Scholarship Program has aided more than 1,000 young Palestinians to attend university. In tandem with their educations, the Foundation requires all participating students to volunteer within civil society organizations and within their own local communities to help preserve and promote Palestinian heritage.
On the 11th of May, the Galilee Foundation held a charity dinner entitled “Big. Bright. Brilliant.”that brought together many of its supporters and donors to help raise funds for the coming year in support of their many vital, necessary programs. In order to bolster education for Palestinian students, the Galilee Foundation must rely on these generous contributions. The Arab Culture Association (ACA) also acts as a partner on the ground with the Foundation, administering the Scholarship Program.The ACA, which was officially established in 1998, works as an independent NPO registered in Israel which seeks to maintain Palestinian cultural identity within the country.

For more information: If you would like to support the Galilee Foundation Scholarship Program, click here.

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