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Packing A Punch On It’s Second Year Round!

The second anniversary of Punch Poetry and Open Mic saw a phenomenal success in terms of audience show up, the readers line up and the ambience. As is the norm for Punch. A Dubai based group it is a mixture of feature poets and open mic where young talent come to perform and learn. “Punch is a platform where established poets share the space with upcoming, emerging and young poets. A place of mutual learning. A platform to perform and find an audience to perform for”, explains Zeina Hashem Beck, a Lebanese poet and the founder of Punch poetry. And in short two years it has more than accomplished its purpose and continues to grow in terms of audience and readers. “It’s the friendships, acquaintances, connections between the readers but more importantly between the readers and the audiences who keep coming back and growing…what good is it is your are writing and no one is listening. The audience is great and they interact and that is just amazing”.

What is coming up next for Punch?

The September of 2015 will see a one-off collaboration between The Junction  and Punch. The Junction will be hosting the Queens of Drama  Theatre Festival where the weekdays would consist of Punch poetry, workshops and story telling and the weekend would be dedicated to Drama and Theatre.

Join their Facebook group to know when the next Punch poetry will be held.


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