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Los Angeles Based Fashion Blogger Brings New Meaning to Modesty

Fashion blogger Hassanah El-Yacoubi was born to an American-Muslim mother and an Arab father. She feels that this unique combination allowed her to synthesize her own American-Muslim identity. With the tide of conversations centered around the hijab in the Western world, it is easy to find media on both sides of the spectrum. Hassanah states that her experience wearing hijab in 21st century America is “one I’ve always wanted to shed light on in hopes of enhancing the misrepresented image of hijabi women and Muslim women in general, as well as providing inspiration for women to look and feel their best in their modest attire. I also want to dispel the notion that wearing hijab and being fashionable are mutually exclusive.” It is along this vein that Hassanah decided to launch her own fashion blog that focuses on her passion for fashion, eye for style and appreciation for food and beauty. She hopes that this blog may be a counter-dialogue to the often misconstrued notion of the hijab and the women that wear it. In addition to her love for fashion, Hassanah is beginning a PhD program in Religious Studies at the University of California Riverside this coming autumn where she hopes to enhance the narrative of American Muslims.

The blog, which goes by the acronym PFH (“Perfect for Her”), extends past just clothing for hijabi women, as Hassanah found that there are many women irrespective of religious identification who choose to don more modest clothing because of the elegant and beautiful look in portrays. PFH specializes in finding long sleeve maxi dresses/gowns and making them available to Muslim women since that is what many women looking to dress modestly struggle with finding in most mainstream markets.

In the past year alone PFH has hosted 2 very successful bicoastal Trunk Shows, one in DC and one in Irvine, offering a plethora of long sleeve maxi gowns, long sleeve jumpsuits, and local hijab brands such a Austere Attire and Kinza Scarves. PFH plans to host another one this coming September.

For more information: Check the PFH blog out and follow it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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