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Fashion For The Modern Muslimah

Fashion has always been more than about dressing. It’s about individuals expressing their unique personalities in what they wear. The latest abaya designs in the market are perfectly suited for all kinds of personalities. Whether you are the sort of person who likes to stand out from the crowd or whether you like fashion that is a bit conservative, there is something for everyone out there.

We live in a generation where fashion for the Muslim woman has never been more diverse or personalized. Today’s modern Muslimah can look and feel good in all kinds of traditional Muslim clothing by spicing it up.  In the past the traditional plain abaya dress was literally one of the few options Muslimahs had for Islamic attire. Now, there are many modern abaya styles to choose from. They come in a variety of different fabrics and colors to suit different occasions. You can even find an abaya with more than one fabric.

One of the biggest trends right now is the brightly colored embroidery usually around the neckline and sleeves of the abaya. The beautiful embroidery usually comes in a bright color that stands out. It definitely reduces the pressure to wear loud and expensive jewelry because the embroidery is a bold and colorful statement in itself. In fact, adding jewelry may take away from the outfit. If you are looking for an outfit that does not require you to accessorize with bracelets and necklaces, the embroidered abaya may just be what you are looking for.

Buttons have had a huge comeback and especially in Muslimah fashion. Buttons are definitely a simple yet brilliant way to brighten any outfit. The latest abaya designs are definitely a testament to just how simple buttons can transform a simple outfit. The buttons can be bright and bold and come in different shapes and sizes to create beautiful patterns on the dress. If you are a DIY fanatic you can also brighten your old plain caftans with buttons and transform them into something new and fashionable.

With the huge variety that is now available, every Muslimah can look amazingly stylish while still remaining well-covered. The abaya and even the jilbab have evolved over the years. What was always a simple black outfit has now become a beautiful dress with lots of variations. They now come in a variety of different fabrics and colors while still maintaining their modest look.

If you are the type of person who is extremely picky you may still have problems finding a suitable outfit despite or spite of the wide variety in the modern Islamic fashion world. The best solution in such a situation would be to get the next best thing and then add your personal touch. If you want to give your abaya a little more personality you can easily and creatively do so by adding accessories like a belt, necklaces or a colorful scarf and hijab. Sometimes, the most simple abaya designs are the best choice because you can personalize them yourself.

Keep in mind that no matter what activity you are doing, even if it’s just simple grocery shopping, dress in something beautiful, fashionable, stylish and of course modest– something that is a true reflection of your style and your personality.

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