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Hijab Styles – The Easy Fashionable Way

Have you spent many hours in front of the mirror just to find the right hijab style? Ever wondered whether your face looks too big or too small with the many hijab styles you tried out? Well the truth is, wearing these headscarves is an art that requires patience. It’s an art that when perfected can completely transform the hijabi into a stylish Muslimah!

There are many ways that in which the Muslima can wear the hijab. Video tutorials on how to wear the hijab in various styles have overcrowded the internet today. Although many are easy Do-It-Yourself style tutorials, it is important not to get carried away. It is very important to keep in mind when trying out fashionable hijab styles, that the style compliments your face structure.

When broadly classified, face structures fall under the following categories: round, square, oval, heart, long and diamond. So it is important to first understand what category your face belongs to and then try out hijab styles that suit your face shape.

A hijabi with a round face is usually tempted to cover her cheeks with the shawl. While that is almost an involuntary action, it actually works against a round face. A round face when tucked into a tight hijab or worn in a Spanish or Egyptian hijab style, which drapes around the neck, adds more volume to both the face and neck, thus making the hijabi’s round face even more round. So the round face hijabis definitely should wear their hijabs a little loose.It is best if they wear the hijab in a way where more of the forehead and chin is visible. This will then take the focus away from the cheeks and the roundness of the face.

An oval face, on the contrary, is considered to be a perfect face canvas for the tightly wrapped hijab. Simply, let the hijab flow around your face structure, that is, wrap it gently but firmly around the face. Another way to enhance the oval facial feature is to use a bright and contrasting hijab color which automatically adds elegance to the face. Use shawls of rich fabric like silk, lycra and then compliment your face with the right hijab color and see yourself transform into a fashion diva.

A square face has very definitive features and an extremely strong jawline. This jawline is an asset which needs to be flaunted (Angelina Jolie does! ). Do not hide that jawline. Use shawls that smoothly flow across your face and let the hijab remain loose under the chin. Use light material, as scarf made of thick material can add more volume to a square face. And a square shape face needs no extra volume due to the hijab style.

A heart-shaped face needs hijab to add more volume to the face. Wear the hijab across and then tuck it tight under the chin and pin it up. This strengthens the jawline look and elevates  facial features. Another way is to add layers to the hijab, in turn, accentuating the face by giving it little bit more volume.

A diamond face can also wear wide hijabs that provides a draping or layering effect. Another way that looks great on a diamond face is to pull the hijab a little forward up to where the eyebrow ends lie and then tuck in the scarf to the hairline.

Long-face  shape hijabis, need to wear their headscarves loosely and pull down the hijab or the hijab cap a little in the front to cover a part of the forehead. This gives an illusion of a relatively shorter face. It also helps to wear a wide hijab that is easy to drape and can create multiple layers, thus adding a little width to the face.

In general, fashionable hijab styling  is an in-thing today. By knowing your face type, picking the right hijab style, the right color, texture and material of the hijab or shawl, you are sure ready to set a fashion trend of your own!

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