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Johny Srouji: The Arab VP Behind Apple’s Chips

Arabs have invented so many things throughout history, from the number 0 to guitars! So it seems fit that the person behind the best technology for Apple’s products is an Arab from Haifa, named Johny Srouji to be exact!

Johny Srouji is a Christian-Arab born in the Northern city of Haifa, Palestine. His father owned a metal pattern-making business, for making engines and medical equipment and machines, so Johny got involved in the metal business at the age of 10. He later earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Computer Science.

And in 2008, after working with IBM and Intel, Srouji joined the world’s most profitable company, yes you’ve guessed it, Apple! Since then he’s tried to avoid attention as much as possible; however, that didn’t last too long!

Srouji is currently the Senior Vice President for Hardware Technologies at Apple. He runs the division that make the processor chips, Apple’s profit machine, found inside the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

A bit over a year ago, this man saved the company from a late reveal of Apple’s Ipad Pro. Without getting into the technical jargon, it can be said that Srouji is the brains behind Apple’s use of silicon for their chips, the ‘system on a chip’.

Srouji is very tight-lipped when concerning Apple’s top secret information but he told Bloomberg that, “If we attempt to do everything on the planet, I don’t think that would be very smart”, so it seems like there are more surprises to come from Apple!

If you’re proud of this Arab man, leave a smile and let us know!

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