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5 Famous Lebanese Celebrities

The world has come to love many famous celebrities that have exposed Lebanese origins, and to some they may come as a shock! Here’s a list of 5 celebrities that boast of their Lebanese roots:

  1. Wentworth Miller: Most famous for his acting in the TV series ‘Prison Break’, this Princeton graduate is of Lebanese/Syrian descent. He even has Afro-American blood in him!
  2. Salma Hayek: Widely known for her Spanish accent and outstanding acting, her last name gives away her origin to those who are quite familiar with Lebanese last names. This 49 year old actress’s father, Sami Hayek, is actually from Baabdat, Lebanon.
  3. Amal Alamuddin: Also known as Amal Clooney, this Arabian beauty was born in Beirut, Lebanon and she is proud to be the wife of famous actor George Clooney!
  4. Mika: This British singer’s real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman and he was also born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother.
  5. Tony Shalhoub: Anthony Marcus Shalhoub, famous for his outstanding acting in the TV series ‘Monk’, was born in Wisconsin to parents of Lebanese ethnicity.

It’s great to know that these famous people return to Lebanese origins and are reaching out to millions of people while having a backdrop of Arab roots! There are many more great celebrities who are also Lebanese like Shakira and Serj Tankian, drummer for the band System of a Down. Who knew so many famous people are Lebanese?

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