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Book Swapping in Lebanon to encourage a Better Reading Culture

Even though reading solid paper books has been gradually abandoned with the rise in technology, there have been many attempts to breathe life back into it. Sharing a love of books and reading, a group of Lebanese friends decided to organize a book swapping event to promote a better reading culture in their country. The event was received well, and people from all around Lebanon gathered to swap books and to have a chat with other book lovers.

Elyan Abu-Shadeed, who came up with the idea, told AlarabyTVNetwork that the event, which was organised during July, was a good place for book lovers to exchange their old pile of books for a new pile of exciting reads. The event also opened up the way for those who wanted to sell their books, creating a win-win situation for everybody! Those with stacks of books they already read got the opportunity to sell these old books and make some money. At the same time, those who are fishing for new reads got the chance to buy books at half their original price, leaving more money to buy even more books! 

Book owners admitted that although it was hard to give up their cherished books, book swapping created an exciting environment of sharing for them. For many, it’s a way of re-purposing old books. The event was a place for everyone regardless of their age or interests, since it contained a wide range of books of all kinds.

If you share the love of reading that this group has, then you also believe that there are always newer and more interesting books to read than the ones just sitting in your own bookcase. Such events give bookworms a chance to renew their books at a much lower cost. Lebanon sets an example for the rest of the Middle Eastern world to follow.

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You can find the full news report on this event at AlarabyTVNetwork.

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