19 Epic Arab Memes That All Arabs Can Relate to!

People tend to choose comedy to make light of certain problems or situations. Arabs have resorted to memes to express parts of their lifestyle, and they have done so quite hilariously! Whether it’s Arab problems or playing with the English and Arabic language, they have come up with memes that will have you grabbing your ribs! Take a look at this selection of 19 epic Arab memes that all Arabs can relate to:

  1. Sign language is a huge part of all cultures. With Arab mothers, some may take on a totally different tone than others:                                                                                                                                        arab_memes-1
  2. The infamous Arab timing, we’ve all done it or been a victim of it!                                  arab_memes-2
  3. Back in the day, Arabs invented algebra. Today is a different story                            arab_memes-3
  4. Mama taught us that you have to flip your shoes because it’s ‘Haram’.                                arab_memes-4
  5. A problem with living in foreign countries is that your susceptible to eating delicious food that may not be halal.                                                                                                                                        arab_memes-5
  6. What’s the funnest Arabic word to learn? It’s not Sparta!                                                                                                arab_memes-6
  7. The difference between what Arabs and foreigners cook up in their labs                    arab_memes-7
  8. Bizir, dried, baked and salted watermelon seeds, the favorite past-time of every Arab, ever!                        arab_memes-8
  9. We all have that one relative who speaks Ingleezy!                                                      arab_memes-9
  10. How Arab children ask for permission
  11. The endless number of aunts and uncles, second and third wives of grandpa and uncle Ahmad, and all their children!                                                                                                                              arab_memes-11
  12. Dance and music and hidden talents are discovered in school!                                                                arab_memes-12
  13. That break between classes……it goes down                                                                arab_memes-13
  14. Two hours to make, two minutes to eat. Girls, you know the struggle!                                                                            arab_memes-14
  15. The number differs from place to relative, but the struggle remains the same                                    arab_memes-15
  16. The deadliest weapon in every Arab household                                                            arab_memes-16
  17. Arabs are infamous for procrastination:                                                                        arab_memes-17
  18. Shawarma sandwiches, cheap and delicious!                                                                          arab_memes-18
  19. A New Twist to Arab Heartbreak                                                                                                                      arab_memes-19

It’s no question that you laughed, so leave a smile 🙂 and let us know which one made you laugh. Don’t forget to share!

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