The Voice – Your Dreams Can Now Be a Reality

You’ve always known it, deep down in your heart. You’ve always been asked to sing in birthday parties, in classes, during breaks, when someone is happy, when someone is sad, and you didn’t disappoint. Yes, some people are more supportive than others, and some people pay compliments like there’s no tomorrow, but still, you’ve seen how they react to others, and how they react when you sing. When it comes to you, it’s different. The emotions are real, both yours and theirs. The standing ovation, the whistles, the cheers and the tears, those were all real, too. Yes, you have a gift, one that should be brought out into the open. And now, The Voice and The Voice Kids are giving you the chance to do exactly that, and they’ve asked us to spread the word! They are searching for talented people just like you to audition, and maybe, just maybe, be the next Sherine  or Kathem Al-Saher.

The Voice Adults:


What you need: Nothing but your voice. Yes, seriously. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not currently living in the Arab World, but of course you must be an Arab. And it doesn’t have to be a solo-act, it can also be a group act, as in a duet or a trio, or even more. The genre is also of your own choosing as well. Just send your full name (First, middle, and last), age, email, and phone number to the following email:

The Voice Kids:

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What you need: The Voice Kids is searching for talent that comes in small sizes — The age requirement is between 7 and 14 — who have presence, charisma, and undeniable talent to come forward and sign up. Not only is this an amazing opportunity, but it also hones and sharpens the skills and awareness of everyone involved. Please send the full name (First, second, and last), age, email, and mobile phone number to the following email:
You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and everyone who believed in you. You owe it to them to try, to challenge yourself, and to come out on top. Best of luck to everyone, we here at Barakabits wish you all the best.

And as always, don’t forget to leave a smile 🙂



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