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Creative? Here’s your chance to show it off in the Amman Design Week!

Creativity Portrayed

When we hear of creativity we naturally encumber ourselves with the thought of reaching outside the box. However, what is really meant by creativity and how can we implant that in the societies we live in? Creative designers who are isolated in their communities are the only ones who can answer that question.  Fortunately, the Amman Design Week project searches for all those hidden applicants and brings to life the creativity of countries. This project aims at exposing all those secretly talented designers and showing the world what creativity really is!

Created by architect Hashim Sarkis, the watermelon sculpture is shown here on display at the Amman Design Week Project exhibition 2016.

Aim and Movement

The event will take place from October 6-14. Chosen members have the ability to participate in the creation of an open exhibition in downtown Amman. Participants are encouraged to move through extremes of tactical implications and symbolize “movement” in their art.  As you can see above, this fantastic watermelon sculpture done by a participant of the 2016 Amman Design Week project is relatively built on the concepts of creativity and movement.  Below you can notice the lovely light sculpture also designed by one of the 2016 accepted members.

Portrayed at the Amman Design Week project exhibition 2016, the sculpture above was designed by Adel Abidin.

Not only are regular designers eligible to apply but, for the first time, students are able to apply as well! Therefore, if you are a creative student pushing your way through inspiration and expressing yourself through art, apply! You would gain from such an opportunity an experience which is beyond all means amazing and beneficial. Also, you might even get the chance to explain your design at the exhibition to Queen Rania! If that’s not fascinating to you, then I don’t now what is.

Queen Rania is seen here analyzing a wood sculpture at the Amman Design Week project 2016.

Applications are now open for all of you who have that taste for movement and eye for design. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime. Take this chance to show off your creativity! Apply here now!

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