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Smiling is Powerful, BarakaBits Tells You 5 Reasons Why!

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” – Unknown

You may be familiar with the saying “One smile can make a difference”, well it’s true! One smile has the power to release stress, calm you down, make someone else smile and ,believe it or not,  can even lead to happiness. This is why “smiling” has been BarakaBits’ motto ever since its launch in 2012! And since then, our posts (both English & Arabic) on the inspiring, uplifting and positive found in the Middle East have been the reason for a whopping total of 3,498,431 smiles and still counting! Now, that’s something to smile about!

So what makes smiling so powerful? Here are 5 reasons:

1- A smile is the prettiest and most common feature worn by humans: At first, this may come as an extreme generalization, but really think about it. When was the last time you have ever heard of someone who has an ugly smile? Even more, think of an example of a part in the world that considers smiling to be a negative thing? Well, I believe I have made my point 🙂 .

2- Smiling is contagious: It’s true, many of us have automatically smiled to strangers in response to their smile, without having any clue why! It has this compelling magnetic effect: when one smiles, those around somehow seem to join along. Smiling to others is even an encouraged practice in Islam, being a part of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings.

3- Releases stress & calms you down: Feeling stressed? Simply smile! Try it right now, it’s as easy as breathing! And even if you are faking it, I ensure you’ll still feel the difference!

4- A smile is the most welcoming gesture: Research has showed that those who smile a lot tend to be likeable, positive people, who are socially successful. Even social networks, such as facebook, recently have come to realize the power of the smile (I wonder what took them so long?), where your posts now not only can be liked but also can be smiled to!

5- Smiling leads to Happiness: Yes, I agree, as it stands, it sounds like a huge overstatement!  I am not saying that smiling is the ultimate solution to all your worries (Now, wouldn’t that be great?!), because that would be very far from logic. However, I can confidently say that the more you smile the happier you will become.

At BarakaBits, we understand the importance of a smile and we are determined to use this powerful weapon in making a difference globally, that is, changing the narrative on the Middle East.

Of course, we can’t do this without the support of our amazing readers! At BarakaBits, every smile 🙂 counts, whether you decide to click on our smile icon found at the beginning of every post (insert pic here), to insert a smile 🙂 in our comment box, to leave a smile on our Facebook post or to even simply smile while enjoying one of our articles. This helps us in getting one step closer to reaching our vision, and we, at BarakaBits, thank each and every one of you for this!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and as always don’t forget to leave us a smile 🙂 to help keep our smile meter running!

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