Dinosaurs Visit Dubai International Airport

Someone Let the Dinosaurs Loose at the Airport!

IMG Worlds Summer Carnival sent out a very special team to give out free tickets. Now, as we all know, dinosaurs are a very protective species, so they won’t allow you to their crib without a special invite. I think it’s pretty smart that they chose the one place that has a massive amount of food–err sorry, people, in it to send out their invites, which is The Dubai International Airport! We’re glad there were no casualties, and you are hereby warned before visiting their place, because it might just be more fun and adventure than most of us can stomach!

According to IMG Worlds of Adventure, this is what they have in store for you,

Offering a completely immersive theme park experience, the fully indoor IMG Worlds Summer Carnival will feature heart-pounding rides, exciting attractions and marvelous entertainment for both residents and visitors of Dubai this summer.

Check out the video for more info, and, as always, don’t forget to leave a smile 🙂

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