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9 reasons for #Good News from the #MiddleEast

There are probably hundreds of reasons good news is good for you. I can think of nine.

  1. Bad news fatigue. Don’t you feel it? Who among us can smile after reading the headlines for the Middle East?
  2. The Middle East isn’t a “Hot Mess”. After the fifth headline, I ask myself, “are these journalists living in the same place as I am?” Yeah, we have our problems…but there are millions living in peace!
  3. Who said “News = Bad News”?  When was that memo sent? Did I miss a class?
  4. What you think about spreads. Think “Good” and more of it will show up.
  5. Good efforts are hard work—and those behind them need support.  A shout-out on social media can keep someone from quitting.
  6. Many smalls make a big.  More good news yields a greater impact.  Grow it.
  7. We all need role-models to aspire to.  They’re out there…so let’s boost their shine.
  8. We have creative, innovative, inspiring, funny, spirited, crazy people.  Let’s recognize and celebrate them.
  9. Pharmacies are running out of Prozac–we need other ways to lift spirits!

Can you think of a 10th reason? Post it in the comments below.

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Rama Chakaki

BarakaBits Founder & Chief Optimist

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