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Hopes are Up for the First Pakistani Horror Movie, Pari.

For those who love the rush of adrenaline in their veins, the Pari movie will definitely be one of your favorite.  As the first Pakistani horror movie that is going to release on international level, the Pari movie trailer has already got our blood pumping! This film shows a new way of doing horror movies. It is a true mix of afflictions, scares, romances and drama.

The film has a more sensitive and familiar touch and is certainly efficient in terror but the big bonus is the empathy that the viewer gets the family during the movie.


The story is based on a family who shifted into a new house, not knowing that the house is haunted. They face many things happening that they never imagined. The visuals and music lend to the genre of the film; they are dark and eerie. And the trailer does its job of keeping the suspense going!

Pari has been directed by Syed Atif Ali, who also co-wrote the script with Muhammad Ahsan. The cast includes Qavi khan, Khushi Maheen, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Miraj, Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim. It’s produced by Dawn Media House which is Dubai’s fast growing multimedia advertising agency and film production house.

Syed Atif Ali has written and directed many dramas and series for small screen and has given so much to Pakistani drama industry where now he is taking a step forward to Pakistani cinema and has come up with the first Pakistani horror movie, Pari. The film is real close to his heart and his team because he has been given the pleasure to work with his favorite genre, i.e ‘Horror’.


The film is going to be the first of its kind to introduce serious horror character in Pakistani cinema and we are hoping that this movie would take the horror genre a step forward in Pakistan.

Pari is all geared up to release on 31 of October 2017, so this Halloween should be historical for all our Pakistanis!

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