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7 Photos That Will Defy Your Idea of What Deserts Look Like

No sandstorms or endless dunes; only the beauty of the Sahara desert wrapped under the arms of a dark, transparent sky. 

Capturing an otherworldly Milky Way or a paradisiacal stargate is no challenge for Ibraheem Al-Awadi, who roams across the nights in Egypt and Tunisia’s deserts in search of the best shot of the starry sky. Known as HIMTOX, this Egyptian blogger and photographer has won major international recognitions for his mastery in astrophotography. “To me, photography is a tool to discover the beauty of our universe and elegance of life”, he says.

This year, he was awarded the 4th place in the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, the most respected Astrophotography contest in the world organized by The World at Night program, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in USA, and Astronomers Without Borders.

Captured in the depths of Egypt’s White Desert, Wadi Rayan, and the oasis at Fayoum, here’s our pick of 7 pictures that show the face of the desert that unconvers when the night spreads its mantle across the sand.

For more information: HIMTOX’s Facebook Page

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