Support Yemen: Media Collective Using Videos to Tell their Stories

An independent media collective that uses video to tell the often forgotten and disregarded stories of Yemeni youth, Support Yemen works to engage the international and local community in the process of social improvement. Composed of young Yemeni organizers, journalists, activists, photographers, bloggers and videographers who seek to use creative communication as a tool for social improvement, the organization is guided by their unified goal to improve their community in terms of justice, equality and freedom of speech.

Strongly rooted in volunteerism and a culture of inclusion, Support Yemen provides opportunities to people from all walks of life, seeking to redefine the meaning of unity and social wellness. Support Yemen asks what Yemenis want out of the current transition, and what they might expect for the future of the country.

One of the videos born from the collective is the Happy Yemen video, displaying a collection of the individuals who comprise the initiative. Happy, indeed.

 For more information: Support Yemen on Facebook, Twitter 

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