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Arab American Radio; Fusion Music, Comedy, and New Programming

Arab American Radio started its journey in 2010. Among all the stations on the internet and on the radio, there was not any Middle Eastern oriented radio station that played true ethic Arabian music. The founder, Ziko Ayyad, and his wife, Penelope Ayyad, have been supporting this venture since it was conceived.

They bring in positive energy, ideas, and untold support, with his best friend, Rick Khalil, who owned Outreach Media Entertainment Group, LLC in North Jersey. The group produces comedy shows & sketches, trains comedians for the stand up field and centers around their niche of Arab American Comedy. The station was born and Ziko created the application from scratch and built the website!

Ziko truly wanted to create a station which his fellow Arabs and other Middle Easterners such as Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan, Syrian, Egyptian. Everyone can enjoy the best of international and Arabian Middle Eastern music.

You can tune into the station right here, and let us know what you think of it by dropping a comment below!

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