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The Jasmine House: A Community of Art, Storytelling and Friendship

Surrounding a 1950s inspired Italian-house in Amman’s Jabal Al-Weibdeh neighborhood are shrubs of jasmine that make this the ideal location for The Jasmine House. The Jasmine House Art & Food will be a space for artists—or anyone who stumbles in—to get together around a table and share ideas and projects over Italian cuisine and coffee. It will be a shelter for those seeking inspiration and a place dedicated to art. Jasmine House will house two labs: one promoting local culture and architecture and the creative space for Sami Haven, an emerging photographer.

Currently, the Jasmine House is preparing for Sami’s photography exhibition, “Yasmine of Gaza.” Sami’s project began in June 2013 during his 7 month stay in Gaza where the culture of Gaza and the artistic expressions of its youth became his inspiration. This became the subject of his photographic research, where he recognized the true essence of the people and this land’s resistance. “Yasmine of Gaza” is the story of an unreleased Gaza, the Gaza that the media fails to capture and inform on. Through “Yasmine of Gaza”, Sami tells the untold story of the everyday reality in Gaza.

The exhibit will open on September 28 at 7pm and will be inaugurated by Amman’s mayor, Mr. Aqel Biltaji. It will run until October 28 at Jasmine House Art & Food in Al Ba’Ouniyah Street 28, Jabal Al-Weibdeh.

For more information: Join the Facebook event here or email

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