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Surprising Clay Sculptures Honor the Victims of Gaza

Rising from the ground, the same color as the sand of its beaches, a series of clay sculptures surprised Gazans last Saturday 18, as an open-air exhibition was set to silently pay homage to the victims of the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Entitled “Tahaluk” (or “Worn Out”), the sculptures were presented at 10.00am in Gaza’s Al-Shejaya district, one of the city’s most tortured areas, which was heavily bombed during the conflict. The artwork was designed by Palestinian artist Iyad Sabah in cooperation with Sharif Sarhan, Muhammad Msallam, Khalil al Mezyen, Jamal abu al Qumsan, Salman al Nawati, Mahmoud al Nawajha, and Muhammad Ghobon.

“Like a phoenix, she will rise from the ashes of despair, sorrow and war,” said @Tweet_Palestine on Twitter last Sunday 19, as the statues were uncovered to people’s surprise. An attempt to illustrate the reality of Palestine, the sculptures honor the victims of Gaza during IDF’s latest ‘Operation Protective Edge’, where more than 2,100 Palestinians, including 500 children, lost their lives.

For more information: contact the artist Iyad Sabah and don’t miss our list of 5 Palestinian artists that transformed the way we see Gaza.

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