Celebrities Join the Rising Peaceful Movement in Algeria

From a social media photo to real societal change: that is the aim of Lahna Binatna, a multi-media campaign aimed at building a non-violent movement in Algeria.

The initiative, helmed through the hashtag #LahnaBinatna, has garnered over 25,000 supporters since its launch on November 12, including Algerian footballer Rabah Madjer, humorist DZ Joker and TV presenter Yasmine Farah.

Along with celebrities, thousands of supporters are posting photos of themselves holding signs bearing the hashtag #LahnaBinatna, in an effort to raise awareness about the escalating levels of violence in all its forms, from the street to the sporting pitch, where is it most evident.

A few days before its launch, JS Kabylie star striker Albert Ebosse Dika died after being struck by a projectile thrown by angry fans. “Every time a football match is played, a mother fears she will never see her son again,” their social media stream reads.

“Sometimes I’m scared of walking around in my own town. If this campaign can raise awareness of the severity of the problem, it’s welcome!” Nora Achioun, a student, told Magharebia. The campaign can be seen on street posters, TV, and the Facebook page Lahna Binatna.

For more information: Visit the Lahna Binatna Page and follow the hashtag #LahnaBinatna

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Valentina Primo

Journalist, globetrotter, and determined idealist. Since Valentina left her home country of Argentina, she has searched for ways to build bridges between cultures and foster dialogue. Her previous work in international organizations in Italy and Germany fed her passion for the world of development, while her 8-year journalistic experience in Argentina and Egypt increased her curiosity for everything that challenges the stereotype. She holds a BA in Journalism and a Masters in Peace Studies with a specialization in Human Rights.

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