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Enigmatic, Futuristic Works of Art Right in the Center of Dubai

Part of AFAC‘s End of Year Event in Dubai was their InVisible Public Art Commission, which sought to allow 5 different artists and sculptors to produce pieces of art around the theme of “InVisible”. The artists commissioned, Vartan Avarkian, Doa Aly, Vikram Divecha, Shaikha Al Mazrou and Monira Al Qadiri, worked to create narrative sculptures that, without vocals, told a story along the given theme.

For many living in the Gulf, oil plays a crucial role in economic and financial stability. For Kuwaiti artist, Monira Al Qadiri, oil also acted as an inspiration for one of her contemporary art pieces entitled Alien Technology. Born in Senegal, Monira’s background in art took her from Tokyo, where she completed her PhD in intermedia art, to Beirut where she now lives and works. Much of her work examines the complex relationship between vanity, masculinity and gender roles, though she also tackles important social and political subjects. Monira’s art inspires viewers to think of the ways art can question and contemplate modern social issues that are so a part of life in the region.

In this collection of work, the artist examines her complex and multi-faceted relationship with oil in terms of its materiality, symbolism, ecology and economy, and she examines the connection of oil to the region and how it has revolutionized it in myriad ways.

Alien Technology‘s primary forms were inspired by the shape of drill bits used to extract oil. When the bits are seen isolated, they resemble marine life. Glistening in a metallic, holographic hue reminiscent of deep purple colored pearls, the larger-than-life art pieces are as eye-catching as they are thought-provoking. Visit Monira Al Qadiri’s Alien Technology exhibit at the Shindagha Heritage Village in Dubai until March 2015. 

For more information: Visit the AFAC website about Monira Al Qadiri here, or check our the artist’s official website.
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