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Syrian Child Abd Al-Rahim Al-Halabi on The Voice Kids

Abd Al-Rahim Al-Halabi, a 10-year old child from Syria,  shared with the world a voice of unprecedented tenor. This young boy performed on the TV show The Voice Kids Season 1-Episode 3 (Arabic Version), as part of the ‘blind auditions’. In its first season, The Voice Kids is much more than a kids talent show, it’s an opportunity for the voices of the children of all Arab nationalities to be heard by the judges (Nancy Ajram, Kathem Al-Saher & Tamer Hosny) and most importantly, by the whole world.

As the powerful voice of this young refugee from Syria fills the stage, Nancy Ajram immediately turns in her chair, but Abd Al-Rahim Al-Halabi doesn’t bat an eyelid. Tamer Hosny instantly follows after and the crowd erupts, while Kathem Al-Saher, immersed with the boy’s voice, hasn’t pressed the button yet. With calls from the audience and Nancy, Kathem finally presses his button and sees Abd Al-Rahim confidently singing ‘Ya Mahla Al-Fusha يا محلى الفسحة ‘ an Arabic song he brought to them from the heart of Damascus, Syria. Abd Al-Rahim, filled with joy, joins Kathem Al-Saher’s team. The video of his audition, found on the MBC The Voice Kids YouTube Channel, has reached over 9 million vews! 

Prior to his appearance on the show, Abd Al-Rahim Al-Halabi’s voice had already reached hundred of thousands of ears. His journey with singing started when he was a mere seven months old, where he used to utter “ Ba3eed Ba3eed بعيد بعيد” each time his parents turned on Umm Kalthoum’s song “Inta Omri”. His love for music continued on to his schooldays, where his classmates filmed him singing a song that has reached, as of January 2016, over 300,00 views on Youtube. This song, based on the famous Arabic poem “Ana Ya Suaad انا يا سعاد”, is considered among one of the most difficult Arabic songs to sing. And when asked in an interview with Shaam News, how long he practiced for it, Abd Al-Rahim chuckled and said , “Maybe one or two days, my brother helped me memorize it”. Abd Al-Rahim hopes one day to become a legendary singer like the late Wadee’ Al Safi or Sabah Fakhri.

Millions of viewers can’t wait to hear what this young talent will bring to them on the next round of the show. Tune in next time and cast your votes because this child’s talent is amazing!

To help make this Syrian child’s dream come true, support him by following ‫#‏عبدالرحيم_الحلبي‬ & #‎MBCTheVoiceKids, and don’t forget to check out his Facebook Page!

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