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Lamees Wayyani’s Coffee Art Speaks Arabic

No drinker of coffee hasn’t gazed deep into the surface of their coffee mug. That foamy surface seems like a whole other land of hidden imaginations. Saudi Arabian Lamees Wayyani has found that foamy surface to be the perfect canvas for her artistic talents. Her project called, ‘Al Qahwa Btetkalim Arabi‘ (Coffee Speaks Arabic) represents this  unique talent of hers.

ياما تحت السواهي دواهي ! ☕️ #انت_مبدع

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Using chocolate sauce and wooden sticks, she writes in Arabic calligraphy.

Lamees studies Human Medicine but she hopes to become a barista one day!

اللهم تقبّل منا ما مضى من ⁧‫رمضان‬⁩ وأعنّا على مابقي منه ??

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To acheive the pop of color, she mixes food coloring into the magical potion. To view more of Lamees’s art, you can visit her Instagram page and keep up with more of her masterpieces. Don’t forget to share and smile and more importantly:

Life is short, enjoy your coffee ☕️?

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