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ProHijab: Nike is Empowering Muslim Athletes

The release of Nike’s “Pro-Hijab” has been the highlight of the year for every athletic female Muslim. The new product is planned to be properly suited for any sport and breathable for the wearer. Though the ProHijab is still under revision, its goal is mainly situated at allowing movement of the athlete without any shifting of the Hijab. Now that’s a head-scarf I would wear on all my busy Mondays! However, why is Nike creating this now?

The Rise of Female Muslim Athletes

The number of Muslim athletes has been growing steeply for the past few years, especially female players. From the famous weightlifter Amna Alhaddad to the Pacific figure skater Zahra Lari, the hijab has been implanting itself onto the field of sport.  Whether it be ballet, karate, weightlifting, and even boxing, hijab-wearing athletes are boldly showing their skill. They’re empowering other hidden female Muslims in pursuing their dreams too. Nike has obviously noticed this high insertion of Hijabi’s in the sports world and has finally decided to take action.

Zahra Lari – Nike
Amminah Al-Haddad


Political View

With the high rise of discrimination against Muslims and even Middle Easterners, the overall support towards the Islamic community has risen. The world has noticed the accumulated numbers of Muslims and most are welcoming them into different cultural societies. From the support of many people after Trumps political “ban”,  it was clear to me (and to many others as well) that there are people who are welcoming and comforting to Islamic beliefs. With this in mind, the Nike ProHijab indirectly represents the support of the outside realm and the influence Muslims need to grow out of discrimination. It’s a sign for Muslims to believe that not everyone is against their beliefs.

The Nike Prohijab will be out starting next year! What are your thoughts on the actual symbolism of this athletic expression?

Don’t forget to leave a smile to support all those female Muslim athletes striving to be the best. 🙂


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