What’s More Entertaining Than Arab Food Memes??

Arab Food + Memes = complete heaven. It’s the best combination EVER! Arab Food memes are so relatable. Comparing it to the West, we have a set of unique memes that will, literally, speak to your soul. That’s enough for the introduction. Let’s get into these Arab food memes…

1- Talking about Arab generosity, “small portions” don’t exist in our dictionary.

Arab Food memes 2- Shawarma is the true definition of love, Isn’t it? it’s music to my ears.

3- Speaking about Shawarma, comparing it to expensive restaurants with their tiny portions, Shawrama gives us more reasons to be loved by many. It’s not expensive, full of love and flavors.

Arab Food memes 4- We have a different meaning of the word MAC. Macdoos and bread is a combination made in heaven.

Arab Food memes

5- It tastes good and refreshing only for 3 seconds and then it tastes like nothing, but we keep eating it anyway.

Arab food memes

6- Again with the Shawarma. Sorry Not Sorry

Arab food memes 7- Have you tried Falafel? It’s another different love story. Just saying

8- Falafel and hummus are best friends Goals!

Arab food memes

9- Who says NO to knafeh? We have some trust issues if you do

Arab food memes

10- First thing first, before eating Shawarma, Falafel, or Knafeh, you gotta Instagram it. Follow the rules

Arab food memes

Don’t we all just love Arab food memes? Tell us your favorite in a comment 😉

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