United Arab Emirates Real Estate is in High Esteem Globally

The world’s mobile millennials are increasingly attracted to the United Arab Emirates, latest study shows

New York is the most popular city among the world’s rich and privileged, according to a study. Other world-class cities like London or Zurich do not lag far behind, but when it comes to millennials, in other words people born around the year 2000, they prefer living in dynamic cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

United Arab Emirates real estate is in high esteem globally

Cities like London, Paris and New York have been competing for the world’s rich and wealthy for centuries. The industrial revolution in the 19th century and the advent of fast and relatively cheap transportation across the world in the 20th century have made this class very rich, mobile and always in search of something new. Owning several properties across the world is nothing new to them, and the UAE have become their latest target.

Latest polls and studies show that the young generation is increasingly attracted by the amenities and comfortable life the United Arab Emirates has to offer. The Ipsos City Index, which is published every year, shows that Abu Dhabi in particular is no longer viewed as a mere tourist destination but a place to reside and do business in.

Properties in the UAE have received much media attention since the global crisis in 2008. They have gone substantially gone down in value, as speculative investors have been less active in the country’s market. If there is one online resource not to be missed, then it is the YzerProperty portal with the lowest real estate prices available, both for sale and rent across all of the UAE. It offers detailed area introductions and a rigorous search engine to cater to all your needs.

Luxurious properties coupled with a state of the art infrastructure and cultural amenities have no rival

What makes the UAE so attractive to the world’s mobile youth is its strategic location in the Middle East, linking Europe, Africa and Asia. Yet the location itself would be meaningless without the well-developed airport hubs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which place a destination anywhere across the world within easy reach.

Aside from the world’s tallest building, other less-known engineering marvels stun the country’s aspiring residents. The planet’s fastest roller-coaster can be found in Abu Dhabi, namely in the Ferrari World. If you enjoy experiences requiring less adrenaline, the world’s largest Ferris wheel will shortly be offering its views to anyone interested in Dubai.

Not only looking for comfort and luxury, the young generation can also indulge into the cultural marvels the country has to offer. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with building materials sourced from all over the world, is unparalleled in its architecture and style. The Fujairah Fort bears indispensable witness to the country’s history between the British, the Ottomans and the Wahhabists. The Museum of Islamic Civilization welcomes its visitors in Sharjah. Stunning landscapes of both beaches and desert, all within a few hours drive from anywhere in the country, offer great leisure opportunities on the weekend. Whatever the heart desires, new residents can find it in the UAE.

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