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5 Syrian Success Stories from Across the Globe

These five youths were forced out of their country of Syria, but they carried their dreams and ambitions with them, and managed to prove to the world that they had what it takes to make huge achievements and truly make a difference. Meet the five Syrians who overcame obstacles and managed to leave their mark across different countries:

1) Sidqi Al-Imam: Hailing from Aleppo and currently living in Sweden, Sidqi works in graphic design, where his creativity and positive energy got him selected on the list of 12 best Scandanavian artists of 2014. You can check out his works through his website here.

2) Mu’in Falaha: Another Syrian in Sweden who started his own personal project as an architect, to build 1,000 living units in misused areas. His project was praised by the city municipality, and he was selected for construction.

3) Tambi Asaad: This 16 year old Syrian living in Turkey proved his unbelievable skill as a pianist, learning to play by himself online before joining a music conservatory to hone his talents. He is now an impressive professional pianist and was recently awarded 5th place in the International Piano Competition in Saint Petersburg. In a recent interview, Tambi said his love for playing the piano is a way of spreading peace and love to the world, and he was awarded a Turkish citizenship for his talent.

4) Wisam Ibrahim: Bodybuilder Wissam Ibrahim took part in the bodybuilding tournament that recently took place in Sweden, earning himself a gold medal and ranking third on the European level. He is now prepping for the upcoming international competition, where he plans to raise both the Syrian and Palestinian flags.

5) Hazem Sharif: This Syrian singer took part in the third season of Arab Idol and won. Hailing from Aleppo, Hazem is the first Syrian to earn this title, and we can’t wait to see what will come next from this beloved talent.

Do you find these stories inspiring? Do you know of any other success stories we didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments below.

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