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Get your daily dose of LOL’s with these 10 Funny Arabic Ads

I’m a marketing major. I’ve spent the past 4 years learning how to best sell things to people. You’d think my life is either all about spending my time in a grey suit and smoking hookah while trying to innovate some Ad that will garner the attention of millions. That, or I spend it wearing a beanie at a Starbucks on my brand new Macbook sipping a mocha frappuccino latte. Honestly, while both lives sound enticing, most of what I do involves spending my day in bed watching Ads on YouTube that I’ll never make, many of which are hilarious by the way. So today, I’m going to share with you a compilation of some funny Arabic ads that I’ve come across. There’s no particular order, but all contain a large dose of lol’s.

Funny arabic ads. Photocredit:
What people think Marketing majors do. Photocredit:


  • McDonald’s Egypt

Sophie’s choice: Your significant other or McDonald’s? It’s an impossible choice, and McDonald’s knows it.


  • Ringtones in Egypt

Catch grandma outside, how about dat?


  • Mobinil, Egypt

Fin? Think again.


  • Teeth Sensitivity, The Gulf

I’m a fan of romance. Sue me. However, I’m an even bigger fan of romantic situations turned slapstick comedy.


  • IKEA, Saudi Arabia

The funniest part about this ad is that an Ikea product comes in one piece. Nice try advertisers, we’re not falling for that.


  • ACDelco, Egypt

And the world’s most versatile actor award goes to …


  • Yamsafer, Palestine/MENA

Yamsafer, ending marital spats since 2011.


  • Chibsy (Fretolay/Lays), Egypt

The first amendment to the bro-code: “Chibsy before bros”


  • ACDelco, Egypt – 2

I’ve never been more interested in spare parts before today.


  • Chibsy (Fretolay/Lays), Egypt – 2

What we’ve learned today: “AHMAD DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!”


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