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Spring Fashion, Joyful Designs by Sara Yasso

You can now throw those boring old school t-shirts away because Sara Yasso, an extremely tasteful Egyptian woman is taking fashion design to a whole new level. Her project, Spring Fashion, represents the real joy of spring with cheerful colors and designs.

Spring fashion
A Hand made summery scarf by Sara Yasso

We, BarakaBits, got a chance to ask her a few questions about her project. Check out what she told us below:

She started this project at the age of 27 when she decided to renew a piece of her clothes by drawing on it. Her Family and friends liked what she did and encouraged her to design more. You want to know the secret that makes these designs a little more perfect? Sara is a Fine Arts graduate! The availability of the tools and colors pushed her further and inspired her to draw on clothes and not only on paper.

Spring fashion
The process of design
Spring Fashion
A hand made shirt by Sara Yasso

She designs those beautiful pieces at home. Keep in mind that all her pieces are hand-painted and that she uses cloth colors, brushes, pens and paper in the process of completing any of her pieces. She finds it difficult already with the availability of colors because they are imported and expensive. But that doesn’t stop her from designing more creative pieces. She loves her project and aspires to make it an international brand.

We are definitely rooting for Sara and support her fully on her journey to become a well-known international brand!

Spoil yourself and see more beautiful designs on her Facebook page.

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