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Nour Ali

Nour Ali is an artist who is bringing awareness about Arab traditions that are dwindling due to the mass global consumerism taking over the world. Nour graduated with a Masters in Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales, and her pieces speak volumes about her heritage and culture.

With an undergraduate degree in business and marketing from AUB, Nour is well aware of the enticing nature that companies have to draw in their customers. But, through her passion and talent, Nour has developed her pieces to reflect her cultural identity, the loss of this identity, and the loss of tradition due to modern global trends and products.

In her work, Nour uses the traditional Lebanese coffee cups and pots; their original forms and patterns versus the global paper cup and instant coffee brands. The paper cups are rigid, while the traditional ceramic forms are fragile, which is a metaphor she expresses through her work about the fragility of culture and tradition in the modern global market.

Nour’s work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Lebanon. She has a ceramics studio workshop in Beirut, Lebanon and continues to create pieces that bring awareness to the importance of keeping traditions alive and preserving one’s cultural identity.

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