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Group Show Frames Crucial Questions

How to mend a fractured society, or make peace with one’s conflicted origins? These are just two of the questions posed by “The World Turns Still”, a collective show presented from January 4 – 11 by the Ulafaa group at Al-Bareh Gallery.

Yaser Al-hassan’s “A little too late” displayed numerous broken plates, plus one plate formed from fragments of the others, invoking how the country’s traumatic political crisis has broken society apart and is being ineffectively mended.

“The installation is a representation of the damage that can be inflicted and the healing process,” Yaser explains, “and asks once something has broken, whether is it always a little too late?”

Zahra Alezzi’s installation “The waiting place consisted of airport terminal seats, a suitcase, poetry books and an arrival/departure board showing the various countries she had been to, with a ‘landed’ status for each. But for her hometown of Baghdad, the status read ‘delayed.’ 

Founded in 2012, the Ulafaa collective aims to create opportunities for individual self-expression and strengthen the ties between Bahrain’s communities through their shared love of art.

For more info – Ulafaa’s website 

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Noor Bahman

Writer & reporter with the Bahraini based magazines CO-EDS, Arabian Homes & Business in Gulf. Author of the -soon to be released- poetry book 'Solace.'

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