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These Mothers are Saying Thank You with Jasmine

To express their thanks and love for the Iraqi people who have generously hosted them, about fifteen Syrian women and their children gathered this weekend to spread the scent of Damascene jasmine throughout Erbil. Calling themselves the “Jasmines of Sham”, these women joined Iraqi women planting flowers to celebrate the traditional Kurdish new year, Nowrouz.

The group’s coordinator Batoul Alyousfi says the aim of the planting was “to show the world that we are peace-lovers who can easily integrate into other communities; however, we still hope to go back to our lovely home, Syria, when the dove of peace finds its nest there…and we will get the soft jasmine-scented breezes back into Syrian streets.”

The event took place under the patronage of the Kurdistan Regional Director of Parks and Gardens Nizar Omar Oul, and also featured an exhibition of Arabic desserts, handmade accessories, bags, hand-crocheted items, clothing and unique wood crafts in Erbil Paradise Restaurant, to showcase some of Syria’s essential artisan heritage.

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