Palestine, Algeria

Algerian Team Stuns Us All with Act of Generosity

The national Algerian team, which battled out with Germany this week in the World Cup round of 16 game, announced that, in an act of sheer selflessness, they will be donating all of their World Cup prize money to the Gazan people.

Algeria forward Islam Slimani was quoted saying “The people in Gaza need the award more than we do.” The prize’s estimated value is about 9 million USD. The match was probably one of the most intense to watch, as Algeria definitely gave Germany a run for their money. The final score ended as 2 -1 but Algeria played fiercely. Igniting enthusiasm and bonding Arabs throughout the world, the Algerian team was able to unite everyone and garner their support in what was one of the most intense matches in the World Cup thus far.

The team was welcomed with rejoice upon their return to Algeria yesterday. Perhaps we can all be inspired by this great act of generosity, and try to give back more to those in need. 

And that’s #peoplehelpingpeople.


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