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Weekly Spotlight: Re-Imagined Arabic Designs by Shamsa Alabbar

In the past several decades, Arab designers have taken the design world by storm. From Elie Saab to self-professed “King of Thobes” Hatem Alakeel, who designed a thobe worn by Snoop Dogg, an ever increasingly impressive collection of design is coming from the region.

 Shamsa Alabbar, a UAE native, recently founded her experimental jewelry line which modernizes Arabic typography to create a stunning aesthete that combines centuries old tradition with contemporary style. With a huge amount of respect to all the traditions and rules of Arabic calligraphy, Alabbar tries to follow the basic guidelines while adding a uniquely geometric edge. Her work redefines classic Arabic looks with a more modern, eye-catching appeal.

For more information: Shamsa Alabbar, @AlabbarDesigns on Instagram, Hatem Alakeel 




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