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Cheer Up with These Yemeni YouTube Channels

If you’re feeling down, nothing can lift your mood better than Yemeni humor. Just brush up on your Yemeni accent and check out these three YouTube channels that you MUST subscribe to:

1. Rwabiit

Rwabiit is a rising Yemeni YouTube channel made by the youth for the youth. Rwabiit’s humorous videos connect to their audience with content they can relate to, like their nostalgic take on childhood Eid memories.

2. Adeny Industry

With over 13,000 subscribers, Adeny Industry is a youth oriented channel that discusses Yemen’s social issues with the signature Aden sense of humor. Just check out that “Happy Aden” video, you can’t help but love it!

3. Hadram Toon

What sets Hadram Toon apart from the rest of the channels on this list is that is completely in Hadhrami Arabic, an Arabic dialect originating from Hadramawt, Yemen. Hadhrami Arabic is now common in several countries, including the Arab Gulf, East Africa and Southeast Asia, which gives Hadram Toons a broad range of viewers.

What did you think? Let us know what funny YouTube channels you watch to cheer up, and tell us which Arab country’s YouTube channels we should tackle next at! 

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