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Na3m Games: Making Entertainment for the Arab World

A new media company, called NA3M Games, is specializing in creating entertaining games by Arabs and for Arabs. Inspired by Middle Eastern culture, NA3M, which means “Yes” in Arabic, saw a disparity in the gaming market, with a lack of options that reflected Arab culture and mentality. Based in Amman, Jordan, the gaming company began creating fun, user-friendly games with visually appealing graphics in a variety of themes from adventure to competitive and party games to be played in groups.

Founded in 2013, NA3M Games hopes to share a unique part of Arab culture through a fun, interactive platform. The company chose to make Jordan their business hub because of its renowned animation and gaming industry, and they found that the country was filled with talented and determined youth in the field. Na3m focuses mostly on mobile games, as that industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the entire region. Saudi Arabia and UAE alone have higher smartphone penetration in the market than the US and the top 5 markets in Europe.

A couple of their popular games include Caravan Run, whose main character is a shepherd who herds camels and trades goods to make money, and Harwil ya Wahsh (Move, beast!) which follows a camel as he navigates the Middle East (along with flying carpet, of course). Ultimately, Na3m Games fills a void in the Middle East, and seeks to represent Arabs everywhere in the mobile gaming industry.

For more information: Na3m Games Official Site, Na3m Games on Facebook, @Na3mGames 

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