Throwback Thursday: 4 Classic Palestinian Songs

This Thursday, we are feeling nostalgic for Palestine and some of the songs that comprised its patriotism throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s. We listed a few groups and musicians who forever cemented a love for Palestine in the hearts of all of us.

1) Sabreen – Fi Sukoot Il-Layl (In the Hush of Night) 
The legendary group, founded in the 1980s, worked to create different, unique versions of traditional Palestinian songs. Using both Arabic and Western musical styles, Sabreen was successful in creating a sound distinctively its own. The group still makes music today, and operates also as a non-profit organization to preserve Palestinian culture.

2) George Kirmiz – Ana Ismi Sha’ab Filasteen (My Name is Palestine’s People) 
George Kirmiz is a renowned Palestinian composer and musician who produced a lot of music during the 1980s, much of which was said to come onto Jerusalem Radio. His songs were often in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and offered symbols of hope, pride and an enduring love for the country and its people.
3) Firqat Al-‘Ashiqeen – Sabra and Shatila  This group, whose name in English means Band of Lovers, first began producing music in the late 1970s, early 1980s. This song reflects on a massacre that happened in Lebanon. Known for nationalistic songs that sought to inspire and stand firmly in solidarity with Palestine, many of this bands songs have a political edge with a staunch patriotic message: “We will not give up.”

4) Palestinian National Anthem –  Mawtini (My Homeland)
This song dates all the way back to the 1930s, and represents a time when Palestine was still forming its identity among a wave of uncertainty. Coined as the unofficial Palestinian national anthem for years, the song became popular in the surrounding region as well, as it represented the Palestinian struggle. One of the songs most beautiful lines:”Pleasure and hope are in your air, Oh Homeland.”


Do you know of any other classic Palestinian tunes? Tell us about them in the comments section below! 

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